A Letter from Danny of The Big Sleep.


Dear Fiz,

How’s it going? Thanks for asking us to do this.

I would like to conduct this in the form of a letter, basically meaning I’m going to say a bunch of stuff and kind of ignore the question/answer format. Sorry to take almost exactly a month getting back to your last email. I don’t like to be so rude; we’ve just been recording and I’m going a little insane. I’ve been spending a lot of time in our space working on stuff and keep forgetting that there’s a world outside of Netflix, bars, and a really small studio. I barely even go to shows at the moment.

Thanks for that huge sound comment, that’s really cool. Part of it is volume and part of it is playing through three delays, just makes it sound like a lot is going on. Trying to tone it down but we’re finding ourselves with too many parts for three people to play…

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