ALBUM REVIEW: Burning House, Walking Into A Burning House

burninghousealbumTITLE: Walking Into A Burning House
BAND: Burning House
LABEL: Naive
RELEASED: September 23rd 2013

It’s not often I have hip hop on the blog, as it’s not exactly my favourite genre. However, I do liek my reviews to be as diverse as possible and I’m lucky that I get e-mails from all sorts of artists and groups. Burning House aren’t exactly straight hip hop but they certainly do channel the kind of old school New York style.

Quite odd considering their roots are on the western coast in San Francisco as well as in Paris and Berlin. Made up of Chief Xcel (Blackalicious) and keyboardist Herve Salters (General Elektriks), Burning House are a real mixture of electronica, jazz, hip hop and funk. Showcasing their talents for creating interesting pictures with their music, their debut album is the funk fan’s favourite autumn listen.

burninghousePost Party Stress Disorder has been remixed…

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