Challenges Of A 21st Century Band


No more vinyls, no more CDs, no more retail stores.  Even Virgin called it quits. Now it’s the digital stores’ time. And they’ ve revolutionized the way we buy music. We don’ t have to buy a whole album just for one hit song. And if we do, it would cost much less than a physical album. It’ s game over for anyone who couldn’t keep up with this technological revolution.

ImageOf course, any technological advancement has downsides. Piracy and copyright infringements arose with the ease of file sharing. This uncontrollable freedom is seen as an innocent action by consumers, but artists and labels have taken a big hit. Ironically, technology came to the rescue: iTunes! Today, iTunes and music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify offer piracy free content with affordable prices. However, no one can deny that technology brought more cons than pros for industry pros.

What about the content creators’…

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