CHVRCHES show promise on “Bones”

The Highlighter

By Alex Pototsky

There’s very little that keeps aspiring bands awake at night like the dream of the “Hit First Single.” It’s the ultimate ambition: the magical combination of prodigious talent, perfect timing, and phenomenal luck that leads to that first song that bursts out of the blogosphere and heralds the arrival of the Next Big Thing. That one song – that “Losing My Edge,” that “Oblivion,” that “Take Me Out” – that says “we’re here, we’ve arrived, start talking about us.” It doesn’t feel like CHVRCHES spent much time planning world domination, but from the minute the insidiously infectious single “Lies” arrived on the internet last April, their ascendance to the pinnacle seemed inevitable. But, wow, if anyone predicted it would happen this quickly. If “The Bones of What You Believe” is any indication, CHVRCHES will be around for a long time. Not only is it one of the…

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