Drake, ‘Nothing Was the Same’ album review + Free Download Link

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Drake, ‘Nothing Was the Same’ album review:”Nothing Was The Same” finds Drake showcasing new skills–trimming the unnecessary songs, and focusing on narrative details.

Sadness has been a booming business for Drake Between his breakout mixtape So Far Gone and his Grammy-winning album Take Care, the Toronto native’s innate ability to embrace his emotive side—and pen catchy, quotable pop raps—have earned him critical acclaim, millions of records sold, and a spot
among Rap’s elite in a relatively short amount of time. After a steady buildup through 2013, Drake returns with Nothing Was The Same, a record that tempers his usual dysphoria with some appreciation for where it’s taken him.

Drake continues attempts to balance pre-fame
normalcy with the perks from his hard work, but on Nothing Was The Same, he finds more closure while revisiting deteriorated relationships. Personal pitfalls and braggadocio are only bars away from each other, with equal candor…

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