Lady Gaga Ironing Out Last ARTPOP Details

KYMX Mix 96

Lady Gaga says she’s finally got her long-awaited ARTPOP album sewn up – and she can’t wait for her little Monsters to try it on for size.

The ever-fashionable Gaga tweeted:

Gaga seems pretty impressed with her new album due on November 11th.  The singer wrote, “It was this amazing moment today my head down gazing at the soundboard – the music came on I looked up + knew it was ARTPOP it all made sense.”

As for her favorite track on the album, “It changes all the time but I LOVE LOVE Jewels n’ Drugs feat. TI Too $hort & Twista.”

Gaga also recently let a couple other track titles slip.  Besides the single “Applause,” ARTPOP will include “Sex…

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