Master Of Puppets: album review

Metal, Rock and Grunge: Reviews


For my first ever review, Master Of Puppets by Metallica released in 1986, is a very worthy choice. It certainly lives up to its legendary reputation for the following reasons.

First off, the artwork is perfect. I personally would say the artwork captures the feeling of the album in a visual way. the contrasts of red orange and black give it a hellish “fiery” feeling. Also notice the hands at the top left and right that are holding strings attached to the various crosses. This is very relevant to the name of the album and the crosses add an interesting symbol.

There is one particular historical point about the album that needs to be mentioned. This was Cliff Burtons (the bass player) last album with Metallica before he was killed tragically  in a bus accident. It is the last of what I call “the golden 3” which are the first…

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