My Saviour – Music

My Beautiful Nightmare- with long-term cancer


It was 2009/2010. I had set goals for myself; I was determined not to get to a stage where I depended on a wheelchair to get around. I was currently getting around by walking and linking someone’s arm (chaining your arm around another’s). I found it a little ironic how, when I was in primary school, linking your best friend was seen as the ‘cool thing to do’, however I didn’t abide the laws of being cool; and tried to find a way to always escape these links; but now, I 100% depended on linking, for getting around.I pretended everything was alright; my life falling apart, didn’t matter; changes out of my control, didn’t bother me; no one to properly interact with, not an issue. Deep down I was falling apart. This only became apparent when issues of conversation would set me off crying.I had hit a new low…

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