New Music: Stop Drop Robot – Sun Kissed By Frostbite

Backseat Mafia

stop drop robot

I quite like contradictions. When we first met Sheffield’s Stop Drop Robot, it was principally local DJ Nathan Bailey making this sort of feral Dubstep/Trance. Now joined by a select group of other musicians and promoters, and switching to bass, Bailey is joined by Sam Christie, Matt Ross and Dan Battye, and they make this ambitious electronic rock, all guitars and rock vocals but with this undercurrent of trance/dubstep beats and effects. It’s quite a contradiction, musically. But, it works.

Their latest effort, out tomorrow (Friday) and available for free download, is Sun Kissed by Frostbite, a six-minute epic exploring, according to the band ‘the death of romance and the thought process that presents itself post-relationship’. In other words, love and lust.

The track itself starts gently and unassuming with piano and synths. The vocal is much more aggressive sounding right from the off, giving some sense of whats to…

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