The Idols and The Underground, Part 2

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Before I was talking about Korean idol groups versus the Korean underground and how the two are distinct from each other. This time, I want to talk about what they have in common, or more generally, how K-Pop idol groups influence other forms of music in Korea and what they have in common.

The first things Americans tend to notice about Korean idol groups is that 1. There are a whooooole lot of people, 2. They are ALL vocalists, and 3. They sure spend a lot of time trying to fuck the camera.

Thing #4 probably has to do with eyeliner/foundation use.

Now, the reason given for this is always that K-Pop is a soulless commercial product aimed at horny teenagers. You throw a dozen or so good-looking guys in eyeliner on stage and let them lick that camera lens until their tongues falls out, and the money just comes…

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