9/26/13 Van Morrison, Astral Weeks


imgres-5Another “classic”. These eight delightfully meandering songs are just exquisite. This album is the sonic equivalent *lame metaphor alert* of a good bottle of red wine. It’s classy as fuck and I have to be in the mood for it, but god damn, if it doesn’t just hit the spot when I’m finally ready for it. I’ve listened to most of these songs here and there, but never in one sitting and as one album experience. This album was a bit of a departure for the lad from the Emerald Isle, Van Morrison. His previous band, Them (everyone knows “Gloria”!), was a great little garage rock outfit from Belfast who obviously was turned on by American R & B, and “Brown Eyed Girl”, which I guaran-dang-tee is playing on someone’s radio right…fucking…now, is trifling compared to “Astral Weeks”. This album’s very jazzy (hey there, flute and stand-up bass!) and folky with very…

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