Production 1: Write-Up II – Peter Rothbart

Elliot Maddox

For this presentation, we had a music professor named Peter Rothbart come in to speak.  Unlike most other talks, this one was more of an educational presentation.  Peter came from Ithica School of Music.  He has done much composing and lots of writing about films and music.  Instead of him showing us some of his work, he came in to teach us about music in films.

Peter’s teaching revolved around the Role of Music in Narrative Films.  He gave advice saying that “The Most important thing is to get the right people to do the job for you” because no one is good at all things.

He also taught us the three components to sound: music, dialogue, and sound effects.  We were told that a good composer knows how to manipulate your emotions.  In context, Peter is talking about music composers.  But this isn’t true only for composers.  This statement…

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