Tip of the week: Music

Not The Mom Next Door


Music is a great form of stimulus for babies. Play a few select favorite songs frequently, as in every morning for wake up or every few days in the car for errands, and you’ll find how cool it is when your little dude or dudette lights up a few months later when they start to recognize the songs.

And don’t feel obligated to play lame ass children’s songs. There is great music out there that you both can enjoy. But do sing along. I even dance a little jig sometimes. Our Baby Luca playlist includes Bon Iver, Imagine Dragons, John Haitt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me” and fun.

And I totally break out the iPhone speakers when he gets fussy shopping or in line at the post office. It’s also a great trick to play some tunes while I’m in the shower. I get 15 mins of freedom while…

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