Transgender Youth

Choosing Perspective

For my inaugural post, I’m going to jump right in with the fairly controversial issue of transgender youth, which has been a popular topic on YouTube as of late. Perhaps I’m a little behind the eight ball on this subject, but the video below took me by surprise because of three things: (1) it’s popularity (almost 900,000 views), (2) the young age of Jazz, and (3) the logic used in portraying the evidence that the child is transgender. Let me just briefly address this last point.

As you watch the video, note how Barbara Walters assumes the evidence speaks for itself. For example, because the bedroom is covered in pink and purple girl toys, this must in fact be a girl in a boy’s body. Or note the mother’s observation that Jazz is “sooo feminine” because she dances, wears pink shoes, and dreams of mermaids. Personally, I would argue that…

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