What I’m listening to: MØ

until the thrill

MØ is the female vocalist I spent my summer chasing after. I’ve made the usual pop rounds from Duffy to Adele to Lana Del Ray and Robyn, but MØ is in a category of her own.

The Danish artist first made it onto my radar in April with “Pilgrim,” and has kept me humming since. Her songs are addictive, not in in the sense that you can’t help but take one more handful of Skittles, but in a back alley, I just skipped on rent for this, need kind of way. They keep you itching for more while her voice feeds you soulful melody that shift and dance like the geometric patterns of a kaleidoscope.

MØ, despite her forays into the “how could he?” territory, takes charge with her music. Her tracks have been remixed countless times, serving as the basis for exotic hip swinging beats rather than…

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