What Makes Up Me

My Musical Journey

Today’s post is going to be different. I will be sharing about my day tomorrow, but tonight, I wish to leave you guys with a piece of my writing. So for English, we have an assignment to write a poem about who we are. So I felt the need to share. I hope you all enjoy. 

A United Symphony

I am an ensemble;

My head arranges the symphony;

My eyes whisper me the words,

Even when there isn’t a choir present;

My mouth begins to print out the music,

And my ears begin to sing;

My heart is a drum,

Keeping myself together with a steady rhythm;

My left hand is married to the piano,

My right hand is a graceful violin;

My legs keep everything alive and playing,

My feet are the metronomes, keeping everything together;

For every note that isn’t played,

Everything falls into a deep sorrow;


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