Will Smith Reportedly Told Eminem, You’ll Either Be The Biggest Flop Or Biggest Thing We’ve Ever Seen!

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“Will Smith doesn’t have to cuss to sell records / Well, I do / So f**k him. And f**k you too.”

I still love that line! Do you ever wonder what that was about though, or why Eminem was referencing to? So, back in the day Eminem was hanging with Dj Jazzy Jeff when Will Smith stopped by the studio. For the first time he heard Eminem. That’s when Smith made the comment.

“You’re either gonna be the biggest flop in Hip Hop, or you’re gonna be the biggest thing that we’ve ever seen in Hip Hop.”

Little did we all know, Smith was pretty spot on! I stumbled across this great interview with Dj Jazzy Jeff where he talked about that day:

Eminem of course went on to be one of the BIGGEST thing to happen to hip-hop! He has now sold over 100 Million albums worldwide, more than…

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