You Are Not Better Than Pop Music


Here’s an interesting fact. Every time someone says “JUSTIN BIEBER IS A TALENTLESS ASSHOLE” a smirking fat cat licks his grubby, flaking lips and devours a singer-songwriter quicker than teenage fan girls can chase down a fleeing tour bus. Every time someone rolls their eyes at Taylor Swift’s latest break up song, a pug’s brain LITERALLY explodes on the spot. Every, single, time someone expresses their expert and complete disapproval at the latest top ten, a custom-made ukelele gains sentience and in an act of horror and defiance sets itself on fire and burns its owners fingers off, never to pluck again.

Every time someone hates on pop music like this, all that plays in my head on repeat for about 45 minutes is THIS scene:

I mean the sentiment of pop music is mainly wildly different to that of Queen Priestly’s sentiment in a fictional film but god DAMN…

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