Bottle of Wine and Bastille

Don’t you just love those days when you have the house to yourself and you can just blare the music loud throughout the house with a glass of wine in your hand?

I know I do.

My room-mates are all gone this weekend. What is the first thing I do when they leave? Blare the music. Second thing? Pull out the wine.

I’m a hardcore wine person when I want to be. I appreciate wine. It is a social drink, and something to be indulged.

I know I’m not in the most social situation (being along at home and all), but I still think I can enjoy wine nonetheless.

I found a soundtrack for Bastille on YouTube, and basically have just been listening to that all night. Lately I have been obsessed with them. They blow my mind with their musical talent. If you have never heard of Bastille…

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