Day 14 – Mr Ray Kester Live in Takayama!!


I stayed at K’s House in Takayama (Facebook link). It’s such a beautiful hostel! And the staff are freaking fantastic!!! I had such a great week here!IMG_1421Here’s a crazy happy picture of me beering and pigging out on cream puffs!IMG_1422

ANYWAYS!!!! Tonight I met the wandering and wonderful Ray Kester, who played us some amazing live music as an after dinner treat! Here’s a link to the first song, Ashue (Heart Smile), from his album, Faces and Far Away Places.


Great great guy! Just so wonderful inside and out! I hope that one day we will cross paths again on our worldly travels! KEEP ON ROCKING RAY! =DIMG_1415IMG_1419

Please go support him if you happen to see him perform in your part of town! He was just in Guam and Bali =) He’s currently wandering around SE Asia!

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