Music and Television

Musical and Artistic Beats

Just like radio, TV has played a huge role in the growth of music. Way back in 1952 a TV show called “American Bandstand” was one of the first television shows to focus just on music. Later, in 1981, music on television really took off with the premier of MTV. The Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” kicked off the show and was followed by a continuous amount of music videos. MTV, which was dedicated solely on music, took the day’s most popular music videos and played them throughout the day. HBO also had a short program called “Video Jukebox” that played music videos for half an hour a day while Superstation WTBS had “Night Tracks” that focused more on the music videos of black artists. TV’s role in music has changed greatly since 1981, and more so since 1952. Eventually, TV producers started to…

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