Music and the Prawn

Sarah's Baby blog

Apparently, Prawnina’s ears are developed enough that she can hear sounds – voices, music, etc. I love music and attribute it to my wonderful parents who had pretty great taste in music and thus, I’m hoping to pass it on to El Prawnetta.

Kim is partially deaf and has near constant tinnitus from being baked under a UV light as a premature baby, so is just not into music. And so, I have taken on the role as musical educator to the Prawn.

Now, apparently, I could buy “belly buds”…


For the bargain price of $49, I could stick oversized ear buds to my bump and play Prawn some music. Apparently, it will make you feel so amazing you will have to hold your own head up whilst standing in a white room.

Apparently, classical is the go here. “The Mozart Effect” is talked about on several wanky websites –…

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