Now you’re playing with power


I’m super stoked about the new Steam Machines.
controller-610x467When I’m not reading/ writing/ translating/ working these past few, I’ve been playing. Sometimes I play and work at the same time. I’ll finish a level then use the loading screen as my cue to jot down a few sequences. Multitasking! It’s melting my mind, and now I can’t sit still during my downtime. I have to be doing two or more different things at the same time or I get stir crazy.

Recently, I’ve finished The Last of Us 6 consecutive times at various difficulty settings because that game blew me straight out of the water. It’s the single best reason for anyone to pick up the PS3, in my opinion. I’m calling it right now– 2013 Game of the Year right here. The only contenders are Bioshock: Infinite (which I’ve played), GTA V (which I haven’t played), and Batman Origins

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