Palm Reader


Andy Paniagua of Palm Reader on how they formed as a band, the local music scene, and their new album.Picture 13

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Palm Reader is Adi Gonzales, Andy Paniagua, and Byron Scott Adams; a band (not actual palm readers) that hails from Orange County, CA (my real home). Their 8-track album ‘Unlucky’ was released earlier this year on Big Joy Records and you can pick up the cassette(digital version too) here. Last month I was able to catch a Palm Reader gig and it was hands down one of the most exciting sets I’ve seen all year. My personal favorite Palm Reader jams are “Silence = Death” and “In One Ear, Out The Other” which you can listen to below along with reading our interview with Andy!

Time 4 interview:

Yon Plume: Let’s start with the history of Palm Reader, how did you all meet and when did you decide to…

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