Days Are Gone

yummy like cake

I think it’s every young woman’s dream to be the forth member of Haim. However, unlike most women, I have been that fourth member. I’ve stood on the festival stage with them, encouraging the attentive flock of fans to sing and dance along underneath the sharp summer’s sun which was shielded by my Ray Bans. I have raised my hands above my head, clapping in sync with the rest of the band, while my arms began to burn under the sleeves of my leather jacket. I’ve witnessed Este’s bass face whilst being stood right next to her. This may have been in the not-so-real territory of a good night’s sleep but nevertheless I was that fourth sister every young woman wants to be and it was pretty darn awesome.

It feels like an eternity but Haim’s debut album is finally here. What’s to know about ‘Days Are Gone’? Well, for…

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