HTC Sued By Nina Simone’s Estate For Song Theft

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Nina Simone On Stage For The Last Time


Phone company HTC has some trouble on their hands in the form of Nina Simone‘s estate. The estate for the late High Priestess of Soul is suing HTC for a minimum of a million dollars for use of Simone’s hit song “Sinnerman.”

Simone’s estate brought the lawsuit against HTC because they claim the smartphone company used “Sinnerman” in a commercial without getting permission or obtaining the rights to the song. “Sinnerman” can be heard in HTC’s “You Are Different” commercial.

Although HTC has been hit with this lawsuit, they have yet to comment on it. However, they should answer it soon. Nina Simone’s estate is notorious for getting their money when it comes to the use of Nina Simone songs in commercials and such. They are like the Uncle Sam of the music business–after a while, everybody winds up paying them.

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