Soundtrack of my MInd: Murder by Numbers

An Upturned Soul


I know someone who hates people that start their sentences with um so much they often claim they want to kill them… I wonder if they’ve ever fantasised about killing me?

In my previous post – Breaking Bad Habits – I mentioned that I could have been a serial killer. In fantasy. In reality…

I accidentally killed a toad about a month ago. I still feel mortified about it. I know, it’s just a toad, but it is a living being! So it’s not just a toad, it is life!

The only living being I can kill with very little remorse is flies. It’s their fault. I try guiding them out the window, but what they seem to prefer is orbiting my head, then landing on me. I do not prefer this. I would rather not kill them, but my tolerance threshold can only tolerate so much.

One of…

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